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Community Groups and Small Groups

Community Groups

Community Groups

We believe the church is at its best when people are regularly connecting with one another. It helps us live into our church’s mission to “Encourage one another daily to follow in the way of Jesus” and we begin to discover that we really do need other people in our lives to grow in the life of faith. Plus, we believe it’s just a lot of fun to be together! 

What is a Community Group?
Short-term, open community groups, that meet in homes to study the Bible together and create community. The groups commit to meeting together bi-weekly for one school year (September 2022 – May 2023). The first semester, both groups will study “Undistracted” by Bob Goff, which has a video curriculum and discussion questions. These studies are designed to be a “low lift” so that people of all life stages can show up, do the study together, and have some great conversations.

Who can join a Community Group?

All adults at Kairos are welcome to join a community group. We welcome all ages and life stages, single and married. These groups will stay “open” so new people can join and feel welcomed throughout the year. We are excited for how these groups will provide a place for new people to get connected and for people in our church to start broadening and deepening their sense of community with different people. 

How do I join a Community Group?

Simply fill out this form and select which group you would like to join!

The Sandy Springs area group will meet at the Websters' home on Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm. Remaining fall dates: Nov. 17

The Westside area group will meet in the Walkers' home on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm. Remaining fall dates: Nov. 9, 30.

Please order your copy of the “Undistracted” study guide by Bob Goff before the first session.

More Questions?

Contact Miriam at if you have any questions (or hesitations) about joining a group or what this experience will be like. 


Small Groups

Small groups are an expression of Kairos' mission – Encouraging one another daily to follow in the way of Jesus. For that reason, we value the function of small groups over the form of small groups. Groups can be shaped by different means – Bible study, book study, guided questions, Scripture reflection, or free conversation – but no matter how it looks the goal is to draw people closer to God and each other. We encourage people to embrace such diversity as a tool of challenge, education, and transformation. We encourage and assist groups for people of all ages, stages, and locations.

For more information or get connected with a small group, contact Miriam at