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Sunday Worship Service

Join us for worship at 10:00am each Sunday morning. All are welcome.
The worship service is held in the sanctuary. All ages are welcome to participate in the service. (Wiggles and whispers welcome.) However, children's programming is available for children younger than 6th grade. (Preschoolers and elementary children participate in the first portion of the worship service before leaving for Kairos Kids.)

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Why Church?

From the Wall Street Journal to the Washington Post; from the National Review to NPR, from Gallup News to Reddit; headlines proclaim: The Church in America is in a state of distress that started pre-pandemic and has been exacerbated by it. Whatever you think of all the analysis, the fact is fewer and fewer Americans are “going to church” these days. I wonder, why are YOU still doing church? Maybe an immediate answer comes to your mind. Maybe you are wondering the same thing? Maybe you are thinking, “I am part of that statistic, I too have detached from the church.” Whatever your response, if you are reading this, you are still engaged at some level, and I thank God for that! And wherever you are in your own faith journey and/or your relationship with the church, I invite you to come actively engage the question: WHY CHURCH? with us for the next 6-weeks.

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Pastor Search Process

Kairos is in the midst of a prayerful and diligent search process for our next Lead Pastor. Regular updates on the process will be provided by the Leadership Team.


Read the latest update from our Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).


Frequently Asked Questions


Members of the PNCClarke Coole                 Walter DuPre               David Ellington             Mary Flynn Niemitz      Ryan Walker            Cece Webster              Jane Wilkinson   


You may email the PNC at PNC@kairosatlanta.org.

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Coming Opportunities...

Fall Kick-off and Church Picnic
September 10


Community Groups Begin
September 12


Parenting Group Begins
September 17


Women's Bible Study Begins
September 18


Men's Bible Study
September 24