Kairos Vision

To encourage one another daily to follow in the way of Jesus


Through teaching and study, we engage the Lord's ways testified to in scripture. We claim God's story as our own and ask how we can continue to live in this way as we meet the demands of life. We empower each other through this story to lean into our gifts as the people we were created to be.


We wrestle in community with vulnerability and honesty, believing that God works through his people to restore one another from broken sinner into mature disciple. We seek reconciliation in geographic, political, theological, economic, life stage, and cultural diversity because it deepens our need for Jesus and broadens our understanding of the Kingdom. In all this, we desire to care for each other like Christ has cared for us.


We declare Christ will have the final word on this earth. We know the end of the story so we confidently join in God's continuing work of restoration in our families, our work, our city, and the world. We believe that practicing the way of Jesus is a purpose not just a preference. We invite others to join us, knowing that one day God's kingdom will be here in full.